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Which sink suits your bathroom best

2023-06-09 11:54:11
As an essential part of the house, the décor and maintained of bathroom say a few things about the owner and the interior decoration of the house. When we talking about the bathroom décor, bathroom sinks are one of the most important things we want to consider about. Cause we use it daily.
At present, there are about 6 categories of the sinks can be available in the market for the bathroom.
  • Vessel Sink
  • Under-mount Sink
  • Self-Rimming Sink
  • Pedestal Sink
  • Wall-hung Sink
  • Console Sink
As the important part of bathroom, the style of bathroom sink will vary a lot to your bathroom. You’d better according your bathroom necessary, such as big or small, styles and so on to choose the fit ones. Generally speaking, pedestal sinks and wall hung sinks will work better in small bathrooms.  While others offer good options in larger bathrooms like self-rimming or under-mount sinks. 
If you want to make a style statement with your bathroom's décor, then vessel sinks are highly recommended. They come in beautiful and unique designs and colors that are enough to provide a basis for a complete theme to your bathroom.  And glass vessel sinks especially offer a distinct look and feel.
But if you bathroom is small, you may want to look at a wall-hung sinks or pedestal sinks. As the name suggests wall-hung sinks are mounted to the wall and they provide an open feel underneath.  Pedestal sinks have a little more to them as they have a solid stand that forms into a basin on top.  Both of them offer storage space but don’t take much space in the bathroom.
If having a counter top and storage space under the sink is important you may want to consider bathroom under-mount sinks or self-rimming sinks.  These types of sinks are both attached to a counter top, the under mount sink sits below the counter and the self-rimming sink sits in the counter with the lip resting on the counter.  
While design can be an important feature of bathroom sinks, functionality is of utmost importance.  Make sure you like the way your new bathroom sink works and how it feels.  After all you will be using it daily, you need to make sure you really like it and how it works.
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